Friends of AheadSafe, and front runners in the race to find a solution to the daunting helmetlessness of bike share programs, HelmetHub has finally gone live with their first round of machines. An idea that has been tossed around before but took a team of ambitious MIT students to bring to life, the HelmetHub is a solar-powered vending kiosk that couples with the existing bike share station. For $2/day the machine allows you to rent and return the helmet where it is then retrieved and sanitized with extreme heat for reuse. We here at AheadSafe hope that the Hub becomes a standard for one time helmet users universe wide. Cheers team!



Its not very often that a super-techy unit comes along that intrigues the team here at Aheadsafe, but the Hammerhead does seem reminiscent of a not so distant future. A feature stacked super-tool the Hammerhead is a guidance, discovery, safety and competitive tracking module that is comprehensively app controlled. Its so high functioning (maybe a bit unnecessarily so) that we are going to leave it to the team at Dragon Innovations to further explain.



New/Used Electrocycle

There are many proprietary technologies designed to make biking easier. We have noted several of the newer developments here on AheadSafe. This is not because we want biking to be easier, but because the more people who think biking is hard -that get their foot in the door- is better for the critical mass. The Copenhagen wheel is one such technology that got a lot of hub-bub but has yet to really gain traction (no pun intended), and it looks like the team over at FlyKly noticed this and decided to take matters into their own hands. Whether or not this iteration will bring something more to those seeking to work less on the bike is hard to say, it looks like the Chinese messenger bikes have a monopoly on their target demographic but only time will tell.


Dynamo Atom


Dynamo technology was introduced in the mid 1800′s as a revolutionary new way to generate DC power from nothing but manual powered moving parts and magnets. The development of this invention spread throughout the world for use in many important applications. One of the simplest and most well known dynamo applications is that of a manual bike light. In the early 1930′s the ‘bottle dynamo’ was seen on many bikes, deriving its energy from the sidewall of the tire. This later developed into the dynamo hub, which, rather than drag on the wheel causing unwanted friction, is contained within the rear hub of the wheel. After several decades of  minimal changes to the technology -the modern versions are still available – a new development has recently come to our attention. Meet Siva Cycles ‘Atom’, a lightweight, easily mountable, bike powered energy source that quickly and efficiently repurposes your daily ride to charge your USB devices. It is our hope that this is the first step in bike powered energy sources and someday the entire universe will be bike powered!




Wood is Good


Wood once played a much larger role in the world of design and creation. One area where wood has seen very little development is that of bicycle construction. Over the past several years wood is being reconsidered  in bicycle form. The trend in bamboo bikes has inspired a new focus on organic hand -built machines.  Albeit the BSG‘s price tag makes it more of a ‘concept’ bike than a everyday commuter, it could open new doors for a new era of renewable,lightweight woodcycles.  Easy to haul upstairs if needed,  and it does look pretty good, also in emergency situations you could use  it to construct a make shift tree house, or burn it!


Noise Makers Flash Brakers

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 5.26.32 PM


We cannot argue with an important point made in a recent New York Times article: that one way to minimize your risk of a car- related bike accident is to be better seen and heard. Well, that would help,of course,and there are ways to make that happen. But  another angle is to practice being a more aware cyclist and anticipate things before they happen. This takes paying extreme  and non-stop attention to your surroundings . No texting, making notes, or general daydreaming,folks. The being-more-visible campaign,while key,shouldn’t be the only thing you think about. Becoming more aware will inherently minimize the risk of unfortunate events. It takes various philosophies to create safety,  and all are vital. Here at Aheadsafe  we support anyone who takes the two wheeled path less traveled. However we  feel if you need a high volume horn you might as well just take a cab.  Think Ninja, not Sumo.
And….pay Attention!


Paper Helmets


The quest to provide efficient and accessible helmets to the ever – growing population of bike sharers continues to pick up steam. This just in from a team in London: the Paper Pulp Helmet made from 100% recycled materials discarded throughout the city. The production cost of the helmet is around $2 and they are working now to bring it up to London street safety standards. We think this is a  brilliant approach, assuming they can be made safe enough. Given that a recent study shows that 7 out of 10 do not wear helmets, even pulp will be better protection than that bare skull. Keep up the good work people!

Paper Pulp Helmet from Bobby Petersen on Vimeo.



We here at AheadSafe have been biding our time to post about the recently launched CitiBike share program here in New York City. Now 3 weeks in, and with plenty of public response from both directions, we are ready to give our take.

Citibike is great!

New York is notoriously mean, opinionated, argumentative and intense ,so of course there is always major resistance to any new idea. But all said and done, the bikes are easy to use, relatively cheap, and they are opening up the congested streets of New York to a cleaner more economical future.

As we anticipated there is an utter lack of helmet wearing, which is obviously one of our missions, but there is no one to directly blame for this, only solutions to be found. This is even more of an issue with all the novice city riders. It isn’t a bike -friendly city yet, and it is difficult to navigate efficiently for those with no previous experience. Safety is the number one issue. There will continue to be massive numbers of cars driving in their wild, signature death -race style, but we feel that a critical mass is just around the corner. Bikes are taking a stand! So be safe, and bike share on!


Robot Valet


The Japanese are known for their commitment to hard work and new technology, and their clever use of over-crowded spaces. Bicycles are also popular. Put these elements together and we witness an interesting new solution. The ‘Eco-Cycle‘ is a robotic underground bicycle valet. It allows for easy storage of up to 200 bikes in an earthquake- proof unit that protects from theft, vandalism, and the elements. Additionally–and critically for space-challenged Japan– it stops the competition for more room on the surface. Creative American solutions can often seem to prioritize projects that require vast amounts of fuel and resources. Japan seems to be forging ahead with a solid concept for the future, integrating low-impact transport and an efficient use of storage space to support and facilitatethe Bicycle traveller.